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Finding Your Pathway

We know how hard relationships can be.  Our goal is to help you navigate the path to a healthy relationship by meeting you where you are on this journey.   It's never too late to learn, push pause and start over, or gain insight to make a good thing better.  Wherever you are on your journey, let us help you make it better.  Pick a path that best fits where you are on your journey and gain insight and direction that will benefit you in the future.


My Marriage Is In Trouble

Difficulty in the marriage does not mean the marriage has to end. Take this path to find tools to help you navigate this rocky season in your marriage.


I Am Single But I Want To Learn

Singleness is not a curse or a disease and does not have to last. Take this path to navigate ideas on how to prepare for the next season.


My Marriage Is Good But I Want To Make It Better

Having a great marriage does not mean it can't be better. Take this path to navigate new ways to keep the spark and even light a bigger fire in the marriage.

It's Finally Here!!

It's been a long journey to here but we have made it.  

We are thankful and excited to share our 20-year journey of marriage with you.  We hope that this book will help you to learn from the mistakes we made so that you can build a more successful marriage. Our goal with this book was to be as candid as possible so that you can have a realistic outlook on what it takes to be successful.  

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